Cancellation Policy

Please note that our cancellation policy is 4 hours in advance. If you cancel within 4 hours prior to the class start time, it will be counted as a "late cancellation". If you do not show up to class, it will be counted as "no-show". Please note that this is for the benefit for other students so they can sign up, and our teachers can also better plan for the class. We hope you understand.

For any no-shows / late cancellations, please note the below:

  • 10 class package: We will deduct 1 class if you late cancel / no-show

  • Unlimited package: If there are 3 late cancellations / no-shows, we will terminate your unlimited package 7 days prior to the date it was originally supposed to end at

  • Complimentary Trials / Free Classes: We will deduct it as your complimentary trial / free class

Suspension Policy

1. For Class Package students, you may suspend once per package valid period. For Monthly Package students, every three months you may suspend once. (I.e. 3-month-unlimited  package allow a maximum of one (1) suspensions; 6-month-unlimited package allows maximum of two (2) suspensions, the 12-month-unlimited package allows maximum of three (3) suspensions) (Note that 1-week or 1-month unlimited packages do not allow any types of suspensions.

2. All non-pregnancy or non-medical suspensions will be charged HK$200 per suspension and re-activation of Class/Monthly Packages.

3. If you apply for a pregnancy suspension, you are required to provide a valid medical certificate that contains the date, your name, diagnosis, and the doctor's advice. The Practice Studio reserves every right to reject your suspension if such certificate is invalid and to charge you HK$200 per suspension.

4. You must give The Practice at least five (5) days' notice to process the suspension request and for your suspension to be effective.

The Practice Studio reserves every right to change the Terms & Conditions from time to time without prior notice.