Asana Practice:

• In-depth study of basic alignments.
• Learn safe positioning for beginner-level students 
• Key modifications for all standard poses for stiff, pregnant, injured or beginner students
• Key guidelines for keeping students safe practice
• Key understanding of balancing muscle engagement & active stretching
• Learn how to create optimal opening of the body in every pose
• Discover which is the centre point for each asana and how to benefit from activating towards and from it to perform the full pose
• Key descriptive language for effective teaching of asana
• Learn benefits and potential risks of each asana
• Adjustments – physical and verbal

Teaching Methodology:

  • Study the art of teaching

  • Observe the structure of classroom dynamics

  • Practise teaching one-on-one with fellow teachers

  • Practise teaching small groups of 2-5 students

  • Contemplate your key motivations for teaching and realise that by knowing them, you can use them to teach from the core of your being

  • Establishing Your Teaching Voice with exercises and feedbackIntroductions & Closing exercises for professional classes

  • The Art of Good Demonstrations

  • Ethics to consider as part of committing to the path of yoga and the seat of a Teacher

  • Explore Confident and Welcoming Body Language

Yoga prop usage:

  • Study the proper use of a yoga chair, belt, blanket, blocks, bolster, and yoga mat

  • Learn quick use of props for flow classes

  • Learn more methodical use of props for slower study of asanas

  • Use props for injuries and to investigate poses from different approaches to go deeper Anatomy & Physiology

  • Introduction to yoga anatomy – organs and systems of the body, skeletal system, muscular system, and the biomechanics intelligence of the body

  • Study all the major joints – movements, restrictions, muscular system, physiology, postural muscles

  • Understand the muscular system – muscles for movement and alignment in asana Philosophy

Anatomy & Physiology:

  • Introduction of yoga anatomy – systems of the body skeletal system, bone physiology 

  • Joints – movements, restrictions, muscular system, physiology, postural muscles

  • Muscular system – muscles for movement and asana alignment 


• Start a daily practice during the training with guided meditation techniques
• Daily journal exercises to contemplate the challenges and the rewards of meditation
• Begin a self-practice of basic meditation
• Leave the basics of teaching meditation

Business of Yoga:

  • How to balance what yoga is to you verses the ‘social media’ of yoga

  • How to find classes once you graduate, the realities of teaching yoga

  • How to be a freelancer and make a living as a yoga teacher