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Backbend Workshop with Amanda Cheng

Everyone loves looking at pictures of backbends, but when it comes to practicing backbends, that instagram picture and reality are oceans apart.

Have you ever cranked yourself into the deepest version of a backbend you've seen on instagram only to come out with lower back pain? Tried to recreate a backbend you've seen from someone else, only to realise it feels impossible?

This workshop will teach you to build strength and awareness to the muscles in both your front and back body. Amanda will provide you with the tools to shift your awareness from  your spine to your front body and to learn to activate muscles in your body that help prevent you from 'dumping' into your lower back to achieve pain free backbends.

This workshop is open to anyone, including beginners, who want to learn to achieve pain free backbends or would like to deepen their current backbend practice.

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