Our Classes


We offer 2 types of classes - yoga mat and AntiGravity® classes. The descriptions below offer a guideline as to what to expect in class - feel free to email us should you have any further enquiries!

Our classes are held in both English & Cantonese unless otherwise specified. 


Yoga Mat Classes

Our yoga mat classes are all classes conducted on the yoga mat. 

Alignment Yoga

Alignment Yoga is the bread and butter of our studio. The practice is one that aligns your body. The teacher will lead you through asanas (poses) that focuses on the alignment of the body, from the bigger muscle groups to the smaller, less noticeable muscles. Come experience the potential of your body through alignment yoga! Expect an opening and strengthening of the body and mind. Suitable for all levels.

Level 1: Suitable for beginners. More specific alignment cues in each pose will be offered and poses may be slightly more advanced (compared to Hatha Level 1).

Level 2: For those who are able to balance in headstand and push up into wheel from the floor. Expect to hold inversions for 5-15 minutes. 


Hatha Yoga

The practice helps students build up their foundation, exploring the asanas (poses) through the body. Expect a more steady practice, focusing on basic movement. Great for all levels as we provide variations on asanas. Suitable for all levels.

Level 1: Suitable for beginners. An experience enabling you to explore the different muscles in your body and to gain body awareness.


Vinyasa Yoga

The practice is one that flows from one movement to the next. Not necessarily faster (but can be!), it enables the practitioner to express fluidity and movement of the body. Expect to move! Suitable for all levels.

Level 1: Suitable for those who have attended Hatha / Alignment / Power / Stretching before. A basic knowledge of pose names (ie. Downward dog, triangle, side angle) is expected as the teacher will spend less time elaborating on the poses and move the body more fluidly. 

Level 2: For practitioners who have been going to regular classes for over 6 months and are familiar with pose names. Poses will be more advanced. Expectation to be able to do chatturanga and push up to wheel from the floor as we will be transitioning in and out of arm balances.


Power Yoga

The practice is a strong one. Holding of asanas (poses) and a stronger “workout” type practice is experienced. Expect to sweat! Suitable for all levels.



The practice opens and mobilises the body. For those who feel tight and want to lengthen the muscles and/or open up the body. Expect to stretch and mobilise the muscles, opening the shoulders, hips or stretching the hamstrings...etc. Great if you are sitting at a desk all day and you need to reverse some of those effects. Suitable for all levels.



Expect a slower paced practice, working into the fascia. This is a great practice to quieten down and stretch the deeper muscles. Expect to hold each pose for 3-5 minutes. Suitable for all levels.


Meditation & Pranayama

The practice originated to still the mind and practice mindfulness. Guided meditation helps bring stillness and calmness to the mind, while pranayama (breathing exercises) helps expand the lung capacity and rejuvenate the body. The practice is mainly done lying down or sitting. Expect to leave the room calmer, more still, or maybe just being a little more aware of yourself. (English Only)


Prenatal Yoga*

This 75 minute class is suitable for mom-to-be's. To attend this class, our students have to be in their second trimester and have doctor's clearance for the safety of the student and baby. To-be-fathers are welcome to attend. If you are not pregnant but interested in this class, it is also possible to attend, however please let us know in advance.

Our qualified prenatal teachers will take you through a sequence that suits you and your baby, moving you through yoga poses to stretch and strengthen the body; going through breathing exercises to connect with your baby and help with labour; and also offer simple exercises that you can do at home everyday to support you and your growing baby. 

*This class is classified as a specialty class.


Strength & Conditioning*

Strength and Conditioning focuses on training functional movements where students can apply the knowledge into everyday uses such as picking heavy groceries off the ground and lifting objects overhead safely. This class will develop the students’ body awareness, coordination, quad and upper body strength which allow them to exalt their overall fitness level. This class is taught by a guest teacher, who is the founder of CrossFit Gym "Fitness Playground HK" in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

Teacher qualification:

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate
Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting Coach Certificate
Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Personal Trainer Level 1
StrongFit trainer

*This class is classified as a specialty class.


AntiGravity® Classes

Our AntiGravity® classes are all held in Studio 1, which can fit 7 students in one class. We are one of the few studios in Hong Kong with the AntiGravity® license, and all our AntiGravity® teachers are qualified to teach the particular sequences as set out below. AntiGravity® uses a different hammock compared to other aerial classes, creating more resistance, and it also uses a set sequence as set out by Christopher Harrison, founder of AntiGravity®. All of our AntiGravity classes are classified as Specialty Classes.


AntiGravity® Stretch & Strength

Just as the name implies, this class will both build your strength & stretch your muscles! Using the hammock, you may discover new muscles that you didn't know were there. Be prepared to sweat and have fun. Suitable for all levels. 


AntiGravity® Aerial

For those who have tried AntiGravity classes, this is a great option if you want to continue to fly and soar on the hammock. Our teachers will guide you through tricks, inversions, flips and all the other fun stuff on the hammock. Leave the class with lots of laughs, sweat and maybe even a new friend! Suitable for those with some AntiGravity experience. 


AntiGravity® Decompression

Focusing on decompressing the spine, these classes offer the opportunity to build mobility and flexibility in the spine. Expect inversions to help with this. No flips will be done in this class. Leave the class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Suitable for all levels.