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Alignment, hatha, power, vinyasa, prenatal

Carol’s passion for yoga began in 2013, when she first tried yoga as a means to balance her busy schedule. Moved by yoga's ability to bring peace and tranquility to her hectic life in Hong Kong, Carol felt a calling to share the gift of yoga to others in Hong Kong. Not only had yoga provided her with a means by which she could find balance, it also provided her with a new direction: teaching.

Carol completed her first 200-hour teacher training under Patrick Creelman in January 2015. She has since obtained additional training credentials to become certified to teach prenatal yoga and yoga for children. Since teaching in 2015, Carol has encouraged many students to continue doing the work and improving their practice. After the completion of the 300-hour WildLotus Advanced Teacher Training, Carol co-founded The Practice Studio, a space where she hopes her students can practice consistently in a safe environment. She strongly believes in the motto of “Do the Work” - to put in consistent and steady effort and to listen to one’s own body. She hopes everyone at the studio will be able to achieve a stronger physical body and better mind-body connection to bring tranquility and peace to one’s life.

In her classes, Carol focuses heavily on the fundamentals of yoga poses. She aims to provide top-level technical instruction while still creating a fun and uplifting environment for her students.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 500 hours, RPYT 100 hours

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Becky lam

Alignment, hatha, power, vinyasa

Becky started her yoga journey in 2011 whilst working in an investment bank in Manhattan, as a form of occasional exercise.  When she moved back to Asia in 2012 and started to attend yoga classes more regularly, she noticed that along with building strength and improving flexibility, yoga had the unexpected super effect of providing a calming structure for her mind.  In 2015 she undertook 200-hour WildLotus teacher training with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in Shanghai with the intention of deepening her own practice, and unexpectedly discovered a growing love for teaching yoga.  She started teaching small groups and private classes regularly, honing her teaching style which became heavily focused on alignment and finding softness within the control of physical asanas.  

In 2016 Becky further undertook a 300-hour WildLotus teacher training in Hong Kong, and in the course she met her future business partners.  In 2017, with like-minded partners, Becky launched The Practice Studio, a boutique, alignment-based yoga studio in the heart of Central.  

Becky’s classes and teaching style reflect her commitment to her own practice.  She is direct, tough, and her classes require hard work, but she encourages students to explore their own practice through building up to different poses and challenges together.  She takes the practice seriously, but not herself.  As a practitioner who started yoga without any history of exercise, Becky understands the challenge and the joy found in understanding and improving the abilities of our physical body.  Most of all she hopes to transmit to her students the practice of managing their inner emotional landscape through training to focus on their physical yoga practice, on and off the mat.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 500 hours

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Amanda Cheng

Alignment, hatha, power, vinyasa

Amanda has been participating in sports all her life, from competitive gymnastics and inline hockey to being captain of the rock climbing team in high school. She loves to try new activities and sports, believing that the secret to keeping fit is having fun. She also loves seeing people reach their potential and trying things they never thought they could achieve.

Amanda began toying with the idea of teaching yoga, handstands and pole dancing when she realised how much she enjoyed sharing tips and methods she learned from her own practice with friends and other students. Encouraged by her mentors, she completed her Wildlotus Foundation 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman in December 2016 and became a yoga instructor who relishes sharing her Hatha and Vinyasa sequences with students.

She feels that anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to – as long as they believe in themselves, laugh at their failures, never give up and always have fun.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 200 hours, Pole Dance Fitness Level 1


Bertina Ho

Alignment, hatha, power, vinyasa, Prenatal

Bertina began her yoga journey in 2012 as a means of exercise and to move the body. Before she realised it, she was “one of those people” who woke up at 7AM to attend yoga classes every other day. To deepen her practice, she took Patrick Creelman’s 200-hour Foundation Teacher Training and completed it in January 2015. Post-training, she had no intention of teaching, however life has its funny ways of leading you to things, and soon after she was teaching private and group yoga part time.

In 2017, she became a full time yoga teacher and completed the 300-hour WildLotus Advanced Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman. To further her own knowledge of the female body, she further completed the Pre & Post Natal yoga Teacher Training in 2017. 

Her classes are alignment based, and she enjoys pushing her students to the edge, leading them to explore their own limits. She likes to pair this with encouraging her students to relax - to release some of the tension and just enjoy the moment as it is.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 500 hours, RPYT 100 hours


marsha yip

hatha, power, vinyasa, yin

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Marsha was previously in the corporate PR industry, well trained to plan, organise and multi-task. First starting yoga as a form of workout and stress relief, she slowly fell in love with how yoga taught her to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. Since 2014, she has been practicing regularly. She was especially grateful for finding yoga before her darkest time in life when she faced the devastating loss of key family members. The healing power of yoga, of acceptance and of taking things one at a time has drawn her deeply into this amazing lifelong journey.

Marsha completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman, with a strong focus on alignment and Iyengar based yoga. She has also completed another 30-hour Yin teacher training with David Kim for teaching yoga in a healing and meditative way with anatomical principles. Her style is dynamic, fun and balanced, with an aim to help students build strength and flexibility with correct postures under a safe practicing environment.

She loves encouraging students to challenge themselves with energizing and core-strengthening poses, mixing this with restorative elements to create a holistic experience. She is also a columnist for the local sports magazine Sportsoho, where she shares her yoga and wellness journey with like-minded people.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 200 hours, 30 hours Yin


mavis choi

Alignment, hatha, power, vinyasa

Mavis started her yoga journey in 2013, and since then, yoga became one of the most focused aspects in her life, changing her physically and emotionally.  She completed her first 200-hour teacher training with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in 2016.  Her teachers showed her the essence of a consistent practice, bringing Mavis to deeply believe in practicing repeatedly over and over again to build and refine her practice. She further studied an additional 20-hour Dharma Yoga Wheel training with Dov Vargas and Raquel Vamos in 2016 and also a 100-hour teacher training with Marcus Leung in 2017.

Mavis focuses on exploring the structural body and physical alignment of asanas.  She respects the individual needs and abilities of each student by encouraging them to develop their practice with a strong foundation.  She also believes in maximizing the usage of yoga props deepen the student’s practice and the practice more accessible regardless of one’s age or physical condition.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 300 hours, Dharma Yoga Wheel

Our Antigravity and yoga team



AntiGravity®, Prenatal, sound therapy

Stress from life and work led Claudia down the path of yoga, where she learned to focus her mind, be present, and challenge herself. Through “putting in the work”, she witnessed a continuous improvement and also realized how channelling focus and willpower can make significant changes in one’s life both on and off the mat. She is a certified AntiGravity® Level 4 instructor. In 2016, she also completed her 200-hour Foundation Teacher Training under Patrick Creelman. To bring balance and understand the more subtle healing practices, she completed her Sound Healing Teacher Training under Akash Banjara in 2017.

In her classes, Claudia likes to challenge her students to push beyond their limits but at the same time have fun while doing yoga. In her classes, students can expect to experience the harmony that occurs when their bodies, minds and souls are aligned in practice.

Claudia loves y-o-g-a (obviously), but when she is not doing yoga or cocooning in her hammock, she likes to curl up with a nice book while nibbling on some cheese and a glass of red wine. She does Risk Management in a Fund House by day, and is a Tibetian Singing Bowl enthusiast by night.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 200 hours, RPYT 100 hours, AntiGravity® Level 4, Sound Healing 

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deborah lee


Deborah is a lover of running and has participated in numerous overseas marathons. Starting her practice in 2010, she fell in love with yoga and found that it complimented with running very well. In 2015, she found AntiGravity® and is now a certified Level 3 AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor. Joining the TP AntiGravity® team, Deborah will lead you through fun yet relaxing sequences to help you de-stress and enjoy your time in the hammock! In addition to AntiGravity®, Deborah is also certified as a yoga teacher and loves Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy.

Deborah is patient and always smiling, welcoming her students to try and adapting the practice to their needs. She will encourage you, proving that only your mind is your limit to your body. Afterwards, you'll feel refreshed, happier, and maybe even taller! Deborah puts in the work to reap the benefits after. 

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 200 hours, AntiGravity® Level 3, Himalayan Singing Bowl


fiona tang

AntiGravity®, hatha, vinyasa, yin

Fiona has been a dancer for over 10 years, with an affinity for ballet, jazz, hip-hop, jazz-funk and contemporary dance. During this period, she started to use yoga as a means to rejuvenate her body and soul after a hard day’s of dance practice. Due to several injuries on her neck and shoulder from dancing, she decided to stop dancing for a while and focus on yoga instead. First stepping on the mat in 2010 and completing her 200-hour teacher training with master Samrat Dasgupta in 2016, she further studied various branches of yoga, completing continuous education modules in Ashtanga Yoga, Dharma Yoga Wheel and Yin Yoga. As a level 2 AntiGravity® Certified Instructor, she enjoys teaching students from complete beginners to experts.

With a strong background in dance and yoga, Fiona’s AntiGravity classes flow seamlessly from the mat to the hammock. She especially enjoys designs sequence that enables the body to open and flow.

Besides yoga, Fiona also loves rock climbing, scuba diving, gymnastics, weightlifting and singing bowl practice for meditation and sound therapy.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): RYT 200 hours, AntiGravity® Level 2, 100 hours Yin, 100-hours AcroVinyasa Level 1, Dharma Yoga Wheel

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Melissa Hassett


Melissa first discovered AntiGravity aerial fitness in 2014. The Harrison hammock helped her recover from a back injury, and she's been hooked ever since! Now Melissa loves sharing how it can help people move in ways they never thought possible. She's a certified instructor for AntiGravity Fundamentals, Aerial Yoga, and Just Kids.

Qualifications (Teacher training only, excludes workshop experience): AntiGravity® Level 3

Our guest teachers

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Strength & conditioning

As the founder of Hong Kong Fitness Playground, a CrossFit gym located in Kowloon Bay, Bryan teaches our Strength and Conditioning class held once a week at The Practice. Using proper technique, Bryan guides students to train and condition their body to build strength and mobility in a safe way. 

Expect to sweat a lot and have fun in his classes!

Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting Coach Certificate, Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Personal Trainer Level 1, StrongFit trainer