200-hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training

21 September - 21 December 2019

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a programme designed to offer yoga practitioners the skills to teach yoga. The focus of the programme is to offer participants a safe space to learn how to teach, to practice their teaching, and most importantly to improve their self-awareness and knowledge of yoga philosophy, history and background.

This course is available for everyone, both beginner and advanced yogis. We recommend that you have attended at least a year of regular yoga mat practice (2-3x per week) so you are well aware of the basics of yoga asanas. Participants are required to submit the application form, stating their personal details and medical history alongside motivations to take this course.

To reap the full benefits of this programme, 100% attendance is required. Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Certificate.

Our faculty are the current owners and teaching faculty of The Practice Studio, a boutique yoga studio located in the heart of Central in Hong Kong. The faculty are alumni of Patrick Creelman & Rinat Perlman’s 500-hour RYT WildLotus Teacher Training, and are all highly trained and experienced in teaching.

The main course objectives of this programme are to: 

·      Asana Practice: Provide a safe environment for participants to practice yoga and advance their practice

·      Yoga props usage: Study the proper use of a yoga chair, belt, blanket, blocks, bolster, and yoga mat

·      Teaching Methodology: How to find your voice, control the class and room settings, establish your teacher presence, find your style, how to adjust students, prop usage

·      Anatomy & Physiology: Learn the basics of human anatomy and what muscles / bones are used in certain asanas. Learn the common injuries and how we offer safe adjustments to different body types

·      Yoga Philosophy: The history of yoga, yoga lineages, different branches of yoga and also the various philosophies behind it, The Bhagavad Gita

·      Business of Yoga: How to balance what yoga is to you verses the ‘social media’ of yoga, how to find classes once you graduate, the realities of teaching yoga, how to be a freelancer and make a living as a yoga teacher

What we offer 

·       Individualized approach to provide feedback specific to each and every teacher

·       2x 30 minute one-on-one sessions at the beginning and end of the programme to set individual goals before the programme and to evaluate progress after the programme 

·       1x 30-minute One-on-one private session for each participant in the middle of the course to address their teaching and / or to answer any questions

·       Participants will have the opportunity to teach our regular students at The Practice on a rotating basis after the course finishes under the supervision of our regular teachers

·       Experienced teachers from different backgrounds to share their personal experience

·       A safe space for students to teach and receive feedback

·       Connection to the yoga community in Hong Kong 

·       Continual support from the teaching community at The Practice staff

 *This 200-hour programme is a part time programme, it will be hold every weekends, Tuesday and Thursday night.*

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Photos and videos may be taken, solely for The Practice marketing purposes.

Contact & Enquiries

For enquiries, please email hello@thepracticegroup.com .

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